Digital Asset Management


Outlining a path and planning a strategy for managing your assets within a digital platform is an essential component of creating a more manageable and scalable content library. Even with the multitude of services offering to host and manage your digital assets, it’s challenging to find one that meets the exact needs of your business without adding complex procedural overhead or exorbitant cost.

With Black Box manning the helm of your digital asset management strategy, we can develop a custom solution tailored to fit your exact needs. Enjoy all of the functionality your business needs without paying for ancillary services. We can help you:

  1. Get set up with a plan for digitizing, storing, and managing your content library.
  2. Learn best practices for interacting with your newly organized assets.
  3. Provide support as you or your customers acclimate to any new asset management systems.

Why It’s Valuable and How It’s Beneficial

Storing, managing, and accessing your assets in this way will provide you with several benefits, including:

  1. Greater security
  2. Improved scalability
  3. More reliable data redundancy
  4. An easy way to search and sort through large amounts of data

What You Purchase and Receive

The Digital Asset Management service provides you with the following development, reports, documentation, source materials, and implementations:

  1. Software development for creating, integrating, or building upon the following technologies: Digital asset managements platforms and distributed data management platforms
  2. Complete code base containing all design and implementation source code
  3. Source code used for corresponding unit testing
  4. Software Verification and Validation Report (SVVR): A report containing the results of the verification and validation testing, which provides a full breakdown of the verified correctness and completion of all core requirements within corresponding specification and design documentation.
  5. Software and User Documentation: Written text that accompanies computer software that explains how the software operates, how it is used, and acts as the user manual for system administrators and support staff.

How Much It Will Cost

The cost of our Digital Asset Management service is determined based on your deadlines and expectations, and the amount of time and effort necessary to provide the deliverables guaranteed by our service level expectations.

How We Will Work Together

All research materials, information, and documentation will be maintained, compiled, and stored by Programming and Application Services, and directly accessible over secure channels or through Black Box secure systems. Private Black Box accounts are created and assigned to our clients as soon as work begins, providing them with limited access to information and documentation related to ongoing design and development requiring client feedback or input.

Portfolio Showcase

The Elberton Granite Association has been publishing an industry-leading magazine since 1957. Thanks to their record-keeping and Black Box's mobile-first design principles, the entirety of this incredible archive will be made available to the public for reading on both mobile and desktop browsers. This means, for the first time, it will be easier than ever for people to keep up with industry news, regardless of location or device.