From Our Founder and CEO

At Black Box, solving complex problems and creating adaptive solutions that benefit the world, its people, and the economy, is central to our business strategy and the very backbone of our culture. Black Box's success is tied directly to our culture of business and technology innovation, a culture built on our core values of honesty, loyalty, and courage.

As Black Box moves into its 10th year of business, as our teams continue to grow, as our partnerships continue to strengthen, and as our clients continue to sprint past their goals and exceed their own projections and expectations, we remain motivated by the efficacy of our culture and steadfast in the strength and persistence of our core values.



We are constantly integrating more sustainable, cost-effective, and scalable ways of conducting good business and steering technological innovation, and dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to working on Black Box while also working in Black Box - from development processes, to logistics and standard operating procedures, to exchanges, partnerships, and client relations. While our efforts are focused on ensuring our clients, our partners, and our own ongoing growth and success, we recognize that we're positioned to leverage the evolution of our techniques and methodologies to drive positive change across any and every industry that uses, relies, or thrives on technology or technological innovation.



Our strategy to create value while pursuing innovation that strengthens businesses and has a lasting, positive impact on our world, is simple; focus directly on core issues, provide measurable results, and be finished only when the results themselves resolve all core issues and exceed even our own expectations. Our clients often need more than technological solutions. They require a deeper understanding of their objectives, a firmer grasp on their audience and their market, and a clearer vision of how they go from ideation to implementation to daily operations. Black Box exists in order to provide certainty to businesses and organizations; Certainty that requirements specify something that can be created and will be used. Certainty that solutions will satisfy real needs and solve complex problems. Certainty that development and innovation will not demand an unknown amount of time, effort, and money.



By sharing our experience, documenting our own efforts, noting where we've fallen or faltered, using results and feedback to improve our processes and offerings, and identifying challenges that lie ahead, we hope Black Box continues to raise the bar of excellence and positively shape the future. The challenge of innovating and creating profound, lasting solutions requires unwavering commitment and dedication, and we strongly believe it all begins with a simple idea: better identify problems, create better solutions.


I look forward to looking forward with you,

Dr. Kelly Storm
Founder, CEO
Black Box Operations, LLC