Developing, Implementing, and Integrating Software, Infrastructure, and Business Solutions

Black Box also specializes in full cycle, custom software development. Our engineers focus on creating enterprise strength platforms and applications, and have extensive experience designing everything from mobile apps to city-wide systems. Many times, our clients come to us with little more than an idea or a problem that needs to be solved. Once these ideas or problems have been defined or identified through services found in the previous section, we simply get to work.

Black Box has created custom solutions for a wide variety of organizations, from large companies to small businesses to major universities. For a startup client, for example, we helped create a medical device that monitors vital signs like no other device on the market. As another example, a client in the financial sector needed a way to make loan processes more efficient, so we built a custom reporting system.

Each client had a unique idea that would solve a need. With help from Black Box, they were able to realize their concepts and create lasting, meaningful solutions.