Software Requirements Analysis and Specification


The Software Requirements Analysis and Specification service allows our teams to create exhaustive specifications for software, platforms, and applications, such that the requirements themselves are based entirely on your specific business requirements, needs, and expectations.

This service allows us to remove all the guesswork, providing you with specifications that meet or exceed international standards and expectations. Our teams will work together on the strategy and design of your software, platform, and application requirements, providing you and your team the comfort of certainty and guarantee of quality and completeness.

Why It’s Valuable and How It’s Beneficial

By adhering strictly to the guidelines and recommended practices of the IEEE-SA Standards Board, the deliverables and results of our work and efforts are provided in internationally understood, and expected, structures, frameworks, and language.

We believe so strongly in the value of our specifications that we employ the use of these services internally when creating our own software, platforms, and applications, or specifying the requirements for a system we build to solve problems we’re experiencing ourselves.

What You Purchase and Receive

The Software Requirements Analysis and Specification service provides our clients with any or all of the following fully completed plans, descriptions, and specifications.

  1. Software Requirements Specification (SRS): Documentation of the essential requirements, such as functions, performance, design constraints, and attributes, of the software. The software requirements are derived from the system specification.
  2. Software Design Description (SDD): A representation of software created to facilitate analysis, planning, implementation, and decision making. The software design description is used as a medium for communicating software design information, and may be thought of as a blueprint or model of the system.
  3. Interface Requirements Specification (IRS): Documentation that specifies requirements for interfaces between systems or components. These requirements include constrains on formats and timing.
  4. Interface Design Description (IDD): Documentation that describes the architecture and design of interfaces between system and components. These descriptions may include control algorithms, protocols, data contents and formats, and performance metrics.
  5. Software Project Management Plan (SPMP): A plan containing the policies, procedures, and work instructions for managing a software development project that defines the technical and managerial processes necessary to develop work products that satisfy the product requirements.
  6. Interface Development Plan (IDP): A plan containing the policies, procedures, and work instructions for the work necessary to create and complete a design, interface, or front-end according to the core requirements and guidelines within the corresponding Interface Requirements Specification (IRS) and Interface Design Description (IDD).
  7. Software Testing and Modeling Plan (STMP): A plan containing the policies, procedures, and work instructions for conducting software A/B testing, multivariate testing, choice modeling, and between-group design experiments.
  8. Software Verification and Validation Plan (SVVP): A plan containing the policies, procedures, and work instructions for conducting software verification and validation analysis and testing of core system and software requirements found within the corresponding Interface Design Description (IDD) and Software Design Description (SDD) documents.

How Much It Will Cost

The cost of our Software Requirements Analysis and Specification service is determined based on your deadlines and expectations, and the amount of time and effort necessary to provide the deliverables guaranteed by our service level expectations.

How We Will Work Together

All research materials, information, and documentation will be maintained, compiled, and stored by Programming and Application Services, and directly accessible over secure channels or through Black Box secure systems. Private Black Box accounts are created and assigned to our clients as soon as work begins, providing them with limited access to information and documentation related to ongoing design and development requiring client feedback or input.

Portfolio Showcase

Replicam Management Suite comprises several Replicam products and services that are integrated and deployed all at once, providing customers with a holistic, efficient, cost-effective Cross-Platform Video Management System (VMS) . From small towns to large cities, each deployment of Replicam is tailored to meet the customer’s needs while remaining within their budget.

Replicam Management Suite can effectively be deployed on several indigenous enterprise networks, where the performance of the system, and the number and quality of video streams, depend only on the network’s hardware, configuration of hardware, and availability of bandwidth.