Replicam Management Suite comprises several Replicam products and services that are integrated and deployed all at once, providing customers with a holistic, efficient, cost-effective Cross-Platform Video Management System (VMS) . From small towns to large cities, each deployment of Replicam is tailored to meet the customer’s needs while remaining within their budget.

Replicam Management Suite can effectively be deployed on several indigenous enterprise networks, where the performance of the system, and the number and quality of video streams, depend only on the network’s hardware, configuration of hardware, and availability of bandwidth.


  1. PTZ camera control features, unlimited video and live streaming, as well as cross-platform performance, Replicam is fully formatted for organizational management
  2. Replicam is formatted for deployment on several networks simultaneously without interruption
  3. Allows users to stream HD quality video to a wide variety of devices or publicly online


  1. Replicam's in-house engineering team started with a goal of creating an all new system based on the latest industry standards
  2. Replicam provides flawless unification of video software and hardware without impeding organization functionality
  3. As an Adaptive User Interface (AUI), Replicam can be easily installed and used without high-end hardware.