Designing and Planning Software and Business Solutions

The effectiveness of software and business depends entirely on the content and qualities of their designs, specifications, and plans. The services found in this section provide deliverables and results that adhere to international standards, recommended practices, and guidelines for compliance with the IEEE-SA Standards Board.

Black Box specializes in pre-development analysis, research, design, and planning, providing our clients with bullet-proof software specifications, marketing strategy, and business plans.

This section contains services that define the requirements, policies, procedures, and work instructions for creating software and business solutions. Rely on Black Box to give you the level of quality and professional expertise necessary to research, analyze, design, and plan your solutions.

Associated Services

  • Customers and employees often have several accounts with their own usernames and passwords that they have to remember, and creating more accounts with their own specific credentials only add to the already unnecessary hindrance of service adoption - why not use an existing service? 

  • Black Box provides development, strategy, and design solutions for businesses through infrastructure analysis and consultation. Our consultants analyze current technology and determine where and how improvements can be made. If no infrastructure exists, an analysis of other aspects of the business will determine the best design and implementation strategy for a new system. In both cases, Black Box can provide the correct solutions to implement the necessary technology.

  • The Software Requirements Analysis and Specification service allows our teams to create exhaustive specifications for software, platforms, and applications, such that the requirements themselves are based entirely on your specific business requirements, needs, and expectations.

  • Black Box provides technical feasibility services to businesses and organizations who have identified a project or innovation they wish to undertake, but lack the staff of engineers and technicians necessary to conduct technical studies themselves. Determining feasibility requires thorough analysis of the availability of resources, the quality and cost of those resources, project requirements, intended functionality, and the existence and availability of technologies that can serve as components for the innovation.