File Sharing and Content Management


Your organization recognizes that sharing files and content, publicly or privately, is a critical component to staying competitive and successful. Implementing a successful file sharing and content management platform plays a large role in meeting this goal. Several solutions and services exist to help share your files and content efficiently, but discerning which is best suited for your needs can be a challenge in itself.

By utilizing services provided by Black Box, together we can review all your content sharing needs, help you understand the security risks involved, and analyze your infrastructure to help you launch a successful platform. Black Box is also capable of helping your business by developing custom application software to cover any areas where your data sharing systems fall short.

Why It’s Valuable and How It’s Beneficial

File sharing and content management systems provide convenient and efficient methods for granting and managing access to shared resources. Developing and implementing a file sharing and content management platform will ensure that the right users have access to the right resources, improving overall data security and visibility.

What You Purchase and Receive

The File Sharing and Content Management service provides you with the following development, reports, documentation, source materials, and implementations:

  1. Software development for creating, integrating, or building upon the following technologies: content management systems, web content management systems, knowledge management system, and web content management systems
  2. Complete code base containing all design and implementation source code
  3. Source code used for corresponding unit testing
  4. Software Verification and Validation Report (SVVR): A report containing the results of the verification and validation testing, which provides a full breakdown of the verified correctness and completion of all core requirements within corresponding specification and design documentation.
  5. Software and User Documentation: Written text that accompanies computer software that explains how the software operates, how it is used, and acts as the user manual for system administrators and support staff.

How Much It Will Cost

The cost of our File Sharing and Content Management service is determined based on your deadlines and expectations, and the amount of time and effort necessary to provide the deliverables guaranteed by our service level expectations.

How We Will Work Together

All research materials, information, and documentation will be maintained, compiled, and stored by Programming and Application Services, and directly accessible over secure channels or through Black Box secure systems. Private Black Box accounts are created and assigned to our clients as soon as work begins, providing them with limited access to information and documentation related to ongoing design and development requiring client feedback or input.

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