The Elberton Granite Association has been publishing an industry-leading magazine since 1957. Thanks to their record-keeping and Black Box's mobile-first design principles, the entirety of this incredible archive will be made available to the public for reading on both mobile and desktop browsers. This means, for the first time, it will be easier than ever for people to keep up with industry news, regardless of location or device.

We'd also like to thank one of our most valued and esteemed strategic partners, Design Mart, for bringing the Elberton Granite Association and Black Box together, and for their tireless efforts and salient, sage advice, insight, and direction in this body of work. This project genuinely represents the power and potential of honest partnerships, collaborative corporate initiatives and effort, and the incredible changes that can be made that positively impact our society, our culture, our cities, and our lives - all because Black Box, DesignMart, and every other strategic partner with Black Box, make it a point to only conduct good business

Services Requested 

The Elberton Granite Association requested a complete infrastructure upgrade for their site and virtual infrastructure, which consisted of upgrading their content management system and upgrading and integrating their site template and theme, and a complete overhaul of their site template and theme, wanting it to be cleaner, more professional, and responsive. They also requested that their physical marketing and member directories, as well as their magazine "The Graniteer", be digitized and integrated into the content management system in order to allow them to manage everything entirely through their new infrastructure once completed.