Study Abroad Manager (SAM) is a web-based platform that simplifies and streamlines processes for international exchange offices, study abroad programs, and risk management departments and agencies.

SAM provides genuine flexibility in a secure, highly-usable fashion, and will help you build and manage content, forms, applications, and processes specifically for each program. SAM does more than simplify your day-to-day, it adapts to your information and processes. SAM not only streamlines your services, it allows you to digitally recreate each and every form, process, and account.


  • Create, copy, and share outlines and processes for programs, exchanges, and other activities with other administrators, faculty, and staff
  • Manage courses, course information, and foreign course equivalences, as well as the submission and approval process
  • Digitally replicate your entire day-to-day with highly customizable program and workflow builders


  • Assign roles and permissions to others so that program administrators manage their own staff, staff help manage specific programs and activities, and more
  • Add and manage additional categories for unique activities or specific processes such as seminars and scholarships
  • Account permissions within SAM are based on the type of account, making it easier to delegate day-to-day tasks