Passion Pointe is a hosted platform that allows studio managers to create and manage multiple user roles and account types, assign and schedule teachers to classes, create a wide variety of information-rich reports, and effortlessly handle payments and invoices through its advanced billing platform.


  • Student, class, event, and billing wizards help guide you through workflows efficiently and effectively
  • Full digital dashboard containing schedules and events distinct to the users and their account types
  • Intelligent enrollment and extensive class and scheduling functionality allows for Passion Pointe to genuinely serve as software that helps you save time and money


  • Passion Pointe is a hosted solution, so it's not only affordable, it's readily available - no need to worry about expensive and lengthy installations and maintenance cycles
  • Account types and user information structured in a way that makes finding class, student, parent, guardian, teacher, and event information a breeze
  • Speak to Black Box about further integrating Passion Pointe into your existing site, services, or online infrastructure, the sky's the limit!