KitBox is a plug-in for the jQuery JavaScript library that provides feature-rich, highly configurable data visualization widgets. When given a bit of raw data, KitBox creates enhanced data presentation layers with advanced interaction controls. 

KitBox is designed to facilitate data analyses by creating easy-to-use, feature-rich widgets from various data sources. One of the more significant advantages to KitBox is not having to worry about complex transformations, intricate formats, or hours of data preparation.


  1. Use data from HTML, using JavaScript, or through remote procedure calls for server-side processing
  2. Intelligent data handling validates data sources and informs you of any issues with your data
  3. Comes equipped with a wide variety of graphs, advanced functionality for real-time graphs, and interactive user-interfaces


  1. Spend more time analyzing and visualizing data, zero time cleaning up data and creating graphs in spreadsheets
  2. Black Box provides services to customize, extend, and integrate your licensed version of KitBox 
  3. User and Developer APIs allow your team or IT staff to integrate and extend KitBox themselves